"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Friday, September 21, 2007

strip i n g yarn goes zig g y

No photo yet. This evening, had the great good fortune of another driver taking the wheel for 4 and a half hours. I'd been driving for a day and a half. NoFla to CentralFla to NoFla to SoFla and back. I was relieved on much of the "back."

I had a skein of OnLine Supersocke Sierra Color along for the ride, just in case - greys and browns and black. Fiddled around with a pattern...chose 66 stitches and size 0's. It has zigzags and bands of garter stitch. Not quite the same as the chevron or welt of SKS, but has characteristics of the same. I'm calling them smittysox, because this yarn has the same colors as my blue heeler whose name happens to be...s m i t t y.

Cuff is 1x1, 1 1/2 inches. Pattern is 11 stitches x 18 rows. It's tasty. A no-brainer. But that yarn is, well, dry. I hope it softens up after washing. There's a new heel I want to try. But, first, I need to sleep.

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