"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Sunday, September 30, 2007

One skein wonder


Hel-lo happy needles. Knitting on size 8's was like using telephone poles. I swear. But, as DH drove 300 miles, I knit. Polished off Calorimetry in no time flat.

True enough, I've been neglecting this page since Ravelry allowed me entrance through its golden doors. Cripes, that place sure can suck up yer time. It's also a maximizer of all things wooly! Fabulous. If you, dear reader, are not yet a member, promise to sign up!

Back to the project...I wanted to post my version of Calorimetry...knit of that lovely GCNI dyed with the Florida state flower - coreopsis, and with marigold and marjoram (yellow and green respectively). The button is a hunk of coral. It's lovely.

Tom says that a sweater knit "like that" (meaning with a lofty yarn on large needles) would "tear itself to pieces," but I beg to differ. This yarn is good and strong, it's loft is due to the fact that it's a singles yarn spun woolen on a handspindle.

I can't wait for a chilly wind.


yvonnep said...

Well, for a chilly wind you have to be here in Holland. What a sunny colour you choose. Lovely. I made one in grays and silver.

Donna B said...

I love those sunny colors! Calorimetry is a fun knit.