"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in the studio


1,100 yds of "Amber" Gulf Coast 2-ply aka Tom's Sweater

Yessiree...finished the sweater yarn, but not the sweater. The reason is ... well, shown a few pictures down. That chocolate Gulf Coast from "Abigail" just called to Tom. How can anything so soft be legal? And what a color.

GC natural.jpga

100 yd skein of natural cream Gulf Coast 2-ply

I have buckets of this creamy stuff left. I've been spinning singles and 2-ply for dyeing. Such a delight to work with. Unblended, it's just exactly like the fiber I learned to spin back in Chichester in 1972.

pink tweed 2.jpga

120 yd skein of natural Gulf Coast/Corrie/Mohair singles with slubs of acid dyed Corrie and coreopsis dyed Border Leicester

This stuff is lovely. I've done a bunch of these slubby yarns. They wash great...giving a nice halo.

GC natural & dyed.jpga

singles yarns (l to r) Coreopsis dyed Gulf Coast, Coreopsis dyed Gulf Coast blended with Marigold dyed Border Leicester, and natural "Abigail" Gulf Coast from Running Moon Farm

Here are the latest experiments. As I've shown before, Coreopsis gives an amazingly strong orange. These photos are completely untouched. Any of these yarns would be perfect for socks. The blend, on the center spindle, will grow a big halo due to the Border Leicester. The brown, well that's "Abigail" - so soft and yummy, and chocolate brown. I use dark brown merino for slubs in several of my yarns...this though...really takes the cake. All of these yarns have a great amount of spring. I like elasticity in my sock yarns.