"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We've moved

Until the nonsense with the broken profile link is resolved, we're moving the blog to WordPress. I think four months of pleading is long enough.

New blog address as of 8/15/2008 is: http://dancingwoolymasters.wordpress.com

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Peruvian Brown


This is a cotton blossom on one of the Phreadde Davis Peruvian Brown cotton plants. Lovely plants! I planted Nankeen earlier in the spring, and it was stunted by the last frost of April. One of those plants (all of 8" tall) is actually blooming. Nankeen is also a brown cotton. In the lower garden, I planted some of Phreadde's green cotton. It's doing alright, down in the okra bed, but nothing at all like that Peruvian Brown!

Meet Sally and Holly

Hogan lambs.jpgs

This was taken the day we brought them home. Three months old. They were born on April 24, making them Tauruses. And boy, are they ever bullish. They are, by the way, Gulf Coast Native Sheep.

The other day, Holly broke off a horn. That was an adventure. We all survived. I have the little 2" horn on my altar of all things natural, bony, feathered, petrified etc.

Now, I have to say, they are growing like mad, and thriving, or so it seems. Their fleece seems to be growing awfully fast considering it is 99 degrees most days. It's about 2" long right now.

They're still skittish as all get out. But they love my husband. Bringer of the oats. Oh, every time he walks out the door, they call him. They have a special Baaa for him - it ends in "O". Almost like their saying "OOOOOATS!!!" I just rate the standard Baaaaaa.