"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Basin Socks

2 Big Basin Socks on 2 circs

Oh I could go on about the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I lived in Boulder Creek in the 70's. My business, an antiques store, was at the junction of Hwy 9 and Big Basin Way. So...when I saw that the February Six-Sox KAL pattern was "Big Basin," wild horses couldn't have held me back.

This pattern is based on Cat Bordhi's new sockitecture. It's written by Rebecca A. Uses Judy Becker's Magic Cast On - which I am very amazed and sorry that I didn't invent. I can't believe I've knit for 243 years, and didn't think of that cast-on.

Anyhoo...this is a progress shot. The yarn is Fleece Artist "Rainforest" and the needles are US 1 circs - one Addi and one Knitpicks. The different colored cords make easy work of keeping the toeknitting straight.

Tom's sweater spinning project is done. I am in the middle of spinning up a storm...oh wouldn't a spinning wheel make this easier, or at least faster? I have a show coming up mid-march, and would like to have a nice pile of yarns for sale.

Sooooo...that's the scoop from Dove's Roost...

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Valerie said...

Wow that yarn is beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished project!