"we're fools whether we knit or not, so we may's well knit"

- old southern saying

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year Idyll

Toms Amber Sweater Yarn3.jpgcr

Tom's "Amber" Sweater Wool

Alrighty, then. 2007 ended with record setting frosts, compromised gardens, a dramatic Christmas car flipover (a neighbor's inlaws) on our freshly graded sugar sand road, and a visit to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' home in Cross Creek. We faced more than a few challenges, and feel stronger and happier than ever before. Our little farm is expanding, we're adding new heirloom varieties, preparing to add critters, and hopefully we'll find a sister pup for Smitty, the cattle dog.

The fiber project du jour is Tom's Christmas present. (Yeah, I know.) It's a sweater. It just looks like a pile of singles and worsted rolls. I'm almost done with the singles, and hope to start plying this week! He'd like that, too. After all, it won't be sweater weather for much longer. Right now, the thermometer is reading 74 degrees. After a 13 degree night last week, I feel as if I've been transported to Tortola in the BVI!

The "Amber" sweater (so called because the Gulf Coast Native Sheep donating her fleece for the project is named Amber) was going to be along the lines of the o so popular Cobblestone Pullover. However, Tom doesn't want all those garter stitch panels...would prefer a more classic look. I'm drawing designs for him to choose from. More fun that way, anyhoo.

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atlaw said...

Well let's see the plied skeins, Elle! I'm dying here. LOL!